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DANIEL SMITH, W.C. 15ml - 246 Joseph Z’s Warm Grey

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15ml tub, Serie 2

Joseph Z’s Warm Grey, developed by Joseph Zbukvic, which he describes as; “…perfect for strong summer light when shadows have that rich warm glow. It’s particularly useful for painting late afternoon light effects with its pinkish glow when it’s diluted into lighter washes. It can capture that evening glow perfectly.”

Part of our Signature Series, Joseph Z’s Warm Grey is very dark in mass tone with the slightest pink undertone in light washes, it mixes beautifully with other colors, both toning down and adding a hint of warmth. Joseph Z’s Warm Grey is semi-transparent, granulating, low staining and has excellent lightfastness.

No: 284600245
Pigment: PY 43, PV 19, PBk 6
Series: 2
Lightfastness: I – Excellent
Transparency: Semi-Transparent
Granulation: Granulating
Staining:  Low-Staining
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